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March 21-25th

Good Morning Sanger High School

Hello Team...

I hope that everyone enjoyed a little bit of rest, family, and fellowship. Congratulations to our Colorguard team. Colorguard received the silver medal today for 2nd in their class at the North Texas Colorguard Association Championships at Marcus HS. They steadily improved their score and rank throughout the season, performed very well today, and earned the 2nd place medal.

As we start back this week, remember that we only have a 4-day week, as well as, only 5 days till the English 1 EOC. Also, I encourage everyone to take the time to read ALL of the information in this issue of the Parham Pages. There are important dates and challenging thoughts that every staff member must know. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. We are the village!

Have a great week!

Go Indians!

The Power of Working as a Team!

Take the Bus

Remember...We can accomplish anything working together!

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations this week...

Happy birthday to Ms. Freeman (3/22) and Mr. Whiteside (3/24). I hope that each of you have a great day!

Faculty Meeting and STAAR English 1 and English 2 EOCs...Important Information

Please make sure that you make arrangements to attend one of the five offered faculty meetings on Monday, March 21st. We have additional STAAR training that must be completed.

Speaking of STAAR, we have 5 school days until our students take the English 1 EOC scheduled on Tuesday, March 29th. Then 2 days later, we have the English 2 EOC scheduled on Thursday, March 31st.

Please remember that it does take a village to conquer such days. I greatly appreciate your efforts and willingness to make such days a big success. On another note, a big shout out to our English folks (including our Inclusion team) for all of the hard work, collaboration, and time put into ensuring that our students are ready for this week.


Prom is just around the corner.....April 9th at the Milestone in Aubrey. Those of you that have duty, please mark your calendars now!

Capturing Kids Hearts

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Challenge for this week!

As you are closing the lesson for the day, I challenge each of you to send your classes off with a launch. The launch is a natural progression of the lesson cycle and it is a great way to send your students off for the day.

Have you heard of PBiS?

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBiS) PBIS is a framework or approach for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.

Take a peek at the link below. You can click on a behavior and then specific tiered strategies will pop up. It is worth the peek.


Engaged Or Compliant?

As you start back from Spring Break, I challenge you to evaluate your classroom. Are your students truly engaged or compliant? Listed below are a few challenging statements that every staff member must consider when determining if students are truly learning.

What is the difference between an engaged learner versus a compliant one? "We all recognize our compliant learners. They're the ones who follow directions, diligently complete assignments, and get good grades mostly because of their efforts or adherence to directions." Too often, we mistake what appears to be a well-ran classroom as a conducive learning environment. However, "the compliant, dutiful learner is easy to manage, does what's expected, and participates when there's little risk of being wrong." However, engagement looks very different. "Engaged learners often pursue their own train of thought about the topic under study, regardless of the task at hand." "Engaged learners tend to focus on the learning and share their thoughts unprompted, without consideration for those around them." In order to promote authentic engagement, I challenge you to look for the 4 C's of Engagement. (Clarity, Context, Culture, and Challenge).

  1. Clarity=What am I asking students to do (Essential Question posted and referred to)
  2. Context=Offer relevant context (Why is it important?)
  3. Culture=Create a supportive classroom
  4. Challenge=Differentiate in the classroom

Source: ASCD Educational Leadership. Four (Secret) Keys to Student Engagement. September 14, Volume 72, Number 1.

SHS Technology Webpage...Coming Soon!

The SHS tech team, with the guidance of Mrs. Juliana Perkins, will debut the first Sanger High School Technology website designed for teachers. The purpose of the website is to help support technology in the classroom. We hope to have everything finalized in a couple of weeks.

Counselor Corner

College and Career Night

Please help us spread the word....High school students and parents only.

When: Thursday, March 24th

Time: 6:00 pm-ABCs of College Admissions in the SHS Auditorium

6:30-7:30 pm-College and Career Fair Open

Who will be there?

UNT and their Engineering, Business, and Education Colleges

TWU and their Health Education and Nutrition and Food Science teams

NCTC and their Law Enforcement, Drafting Technology, Surgical Technology, Informational Technology, and LVN teams

Texas State Technical College-Kansas State University-UT Arlington, Stephen F. Austin and many more...

Additional Information

Lead4ward- 2016 Accountability update (Standard Progression Phase-In)

Spring 2015 Raw Score Conversions Grades 3-8 and EOCs (With Alignment to Scale Score Cut Points for the 2015-16 Standard Progression Phase-In.

(Adopted by final rule effective January 6, 2016)

Reports the scale score cutpoints and corresponding raw score conversion cut points for Level II-Phase 1, Level II-Phase 2, the Standard Progression Phase-In for 2015-16, Level II-Final and Level III for the Spring 2015 STAAR assessments in Grades 3-8 and EOCs. Raw score cutpoints reported for the Standard Progression Scale Score Cutpoints for 2015-16 are approximate equivalents. Each reported raw score represents the minimum raw score that would have equaled or exceeded the 2015-16 Standard Progression Cutpoint had it been in effect in the Spring of 2015.

Parking Lot


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Important Dates

  • 3/21-25-Online voting for Best of Texas (Congressional Art Show)
  • 3/21-Boys Golf @ Fossil Ridge
  • 3/22- Faculty Meetings
  • 3/22-Fire Drill
  • 3/22-JV/V Baseball @ Krum
  • 3/22-Softball @ Krum
  • 3/24-Track @ Decatur
  • 3/24-SHS College and Career Fair
  • 3/25-Good Friday (Bad Weather Day)
  • 3/25-JV/V Baseball vs. Aubrey (SHS)
  • 3/25-Softball vs. Aubrey (SHS)
  • 3/26-Special Olympics
  • 3/28-Golf District Meet
  • 3/29-English 1 EOC
  • 3/29-Softball @ Argyle
  • 3/30-Golf District Meet
  • 3/31-English 2 EOC
  • 3/31-Track @ Pilot Point
  • 3/28-4/8th- NCTC Community Art Show (Gainsville Campus)
  • 4/1-NCTC Community Art Show Reception @ 6 pm (Gainsville Campus)
  • 4/7-Denton County Art Show @ 7 pm (GDAC in Denton)
  • 4/27-5/11- Public voting for Van's Custom Culture Shoe Design Competition