All about water troubles

water uses and troubles

drinking water

We use fresh water to drink from, we are only able to drink fresh water and there is very little fresh water in the world, so we have to be very carful with our water supply. All around the world people are struggling to get fresh water, so it is a great concern on how people in Africa can get water

water it used to catch food

Now and over a hundred years ago we have been using water to fish and get other foods to eat. Over 40% of the fish population lives in fresh water. Although both the people from the 1900 and people today both used water to get food, fishing gear today as modernized greatly.

How we used to get water to drink

Water concerns

Water pollution

Today it is a great concern that pollution will render the majority of our fresh water in drink able. Simply because of careless oil spills it has left many Rivers and oceans polluted along with all the animals that live in it. Even though it seems like we are better off compared to one hundred years ago it seems that now a days we have to worry about water all the time but people one hundred years ago did not.


Sometimes cargo ships leak oil and gas which can contribute to pollution. If this happens than it could end up killing many fish.