How to deal with Emotions!!

Positive Emotions.

Glad, Happy, Delighted, Joyful, Elated, Thrilled, Exhilarated, Hopeful, Expectant, Relieved, Satisfied, Assured, Certain, Able, Capable, Confident, Strong, Courageous, Powerful, Adequate, Good, Great, Excellent, Sublime.

Negative Emotions..

Concerned, Worry, Anxious, Stressed, Overwhelmed, Exasperated, Tired, Burdened, Weary, Exhausted, Drained ,Jumpy, Intimidated ,Apprehensive, Hostile, Destructive, Uncomfortable, Annoyed, Frustrated, Angry, In rage, Indifferent, Ignored, Contempt, Rude, Obnoxious, Sad, Depressed, Grief, Agony,Misery, Cautious, Doubtful, Hesitant, Wary, Suspicious, Nervous, Scared, Fear, Shocked, Panic, Dissatisfied, Upset, Disappointed, Crushed.

Some of the negative emotions can effect you social life and how you are at work.

How do you deal with some negative emotions?

"Sometimes I feel overcome with negative emotions, feelings of hurt, anger or frustration. I’ve heard that it isn’t good to "stuff my feelings," but I also don’t want to dwell on these negative feelings. How should I deal with these negative emotions in a healthy way?"