November 8th

It is hard to believe that we have been in school for two months! Our kindergarten days are filled with lots of learning and fun!


LABEL coats and snow pants and boots and hats etc. Please send your child to school with a large “snow bag” for wet items from recess snow play. Extra socks and gloves are always a plus on these snowy days! Encourage your child to put snow pants etc. on his/herself to get good at this task. We change in and/or out of gear nearly 6 times each day!


To our parents volunteers for creating fun games and running the party stations last week at our Fall Party. The children had a wonderful time thanks to you!


The Student Council at Rose Glen is supporting an all school pajama day on Friday, November 15. Have your student wear their most comfy school appropriate PJ's on Friday to show their school spirit. Please no blankets/pillows and stuffed animals should be small enough to fit in their backpacks.

Language Workshop

We are working our way through the second Language Workshop Unit. This unit’s essential question is What is a relationship?

Here are some of the books from the unit.

Reading Workshop

Guided Groups are in full swing and students are actively engaged with books at his/her just right level. New books are so exciting and truly foster emergent reading skills to help us be SUPER READERS! Here are some things SUPER READERS do each day…

Math Workshop

In math workshop we just finished our 2D shape unit. The students had ample time to explore and learn all about 2D shapes. We discussed how many sides and corners are on each shape and how shapes can be put together to form new shapes. We will be moving towards more counting and building number sense. Please see the link below for details on upcoming math learning.


Students learned about different habitats this past unit! They had an opportunity to create a habitat for an animal of their choice using recyclable items! Also, we went to the environmental education building to explore more about animals and their environments. Students had fun building a shelter for an animal and explored the Fox River sanctuary.

Social Emotional Learning

Through lessons in our Second Step program we have been learning how to identify feelings by looking at our body language and our words. Students have a chance to act out these emotions in whole group and with partners. Please see link below for our school district monthly SEL (Social Emo-Learning) newsletter.