lady Lucy Christiana Duff-Gordon

by alejandro marin contreras

Biographical Information

She was born on Saturday June 13 she wa s48 when she went to the titanic.Her friends lived all three of lived .

The ship

They say that it was unsinkable in 1898 fourteen years before the titanic sank.It was about three enormous ocean liners.Lady Duff Gordon was in first class her ticket cost 56 britsh pounds.First class was the that were rich and got to bedroom were fancy.

disaster and rescue

The titanic sank from crashing with a icebreg .That cause the titanic to sank and did't get to New York.Lady Lucy Christiana was in the titanic she was in the first class she got on life boat one.

Life after titanic

Lady Duff - Gordon when the titanic sank and she got save from lifeboat 1 she went to new York and got a store so she could sell dress.She went to New York so she could get money for her family.She died in 1933 she did from pneumonia.