A slow death by:Destini GIbney

One a day keeps the doctor here to stay.

The painful truth

Nearly six million people die each year because of Tobacco. That includes Five million smokes and about six hundred thousand non-smokers that have been exposed to secondhand smoke. About 18.4% of adult american smoke, although they know the dangers of cigarettes. Woman who smoke are about 25% more likely to get lung cancer than woman who don't smoke. For men its 25 times the chance of getting lung cancer than men don't smoke. Each year about 3,400 non-smoking adults die each year because of secondhand smoke.

Killer Chemicals

Tobacco contains over 4,000 different chemicals. about 50 of them are known to be poisonous and cause cancer. Some of the chemicals put into cigarettes are addictive. These chemicals can cause many different cancers, such as bladder cancer, cancer of the cervix, and kidney cancer. you thought it'd only effect you wind pipes, mouth and your naval cavity, huh? WRONG! it effects your whole body.

Quitting is Hard, but Hard Work Pays Off

There are plenty of ways of quitting, it may be a struggle but its better to struggle to quit than to struggle with some sort of cancer. You could change your routine, use the patch instead. Use a vaporizer. Use gum in place of your cigarette. Slow down and eventually quit. You'll do great! God lucky little buddy!!!!
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