REMC 9 PD Opportunities Ramp Up

September 2015

21Things4Teachers PD

2015-16 will provide teachers across our REMC region multiple opportunities for various technology professional learning sessions. New this year is our blending course 21Things4Teachers. We will be offering this two times over the course of the year with up to 30 SCECH's available per course. Details on course registration will be sent out in mid-September.

Blended Learning in the Classroom PD

We will continue our Blended Learning in the Classroom (BLiC) for 2015-16. The first course began in late summer and we have several area teachers enrolled. Stay tuned for a second course to be offered in winter.

Google Training

REMC 9 provides Google Apps training for your district. We offer everything from basic beginning Google training including email navigation to advanced training that focuses on Google Forms and Google Classroom. We would be glad to do any customized training your district might need.

Moodle Training

We continue to offer Moodle as Learning Management System (LMS) service for your staff. Moodle can be used to offer anything from a full online course to units of study. Please contact REMC 9 if a refresher course is needed or new training is needed. We'd be glad to assist.

Chromebooks or iPad Training

Did you get some new technology over the summer and would like some help in getting the most out of your devices? Contact REMC to schedule a training.

Other Technology PD Needs?

Contact REMC 9 to develop and implement any technology PD you need. We would be happy to lend technology integration support for any local endeavors that you offer.
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COMING SOON - Helping educators navigate their professional growth through

The Classroom Readiness group from TRIG is getting ready to roll out online professional development opportunities for teachers using The goal of Classroom Readiness is to connect educators to opportunities for professional learning. These opportunities support technology readiness and instructional practice, with resources that will:

  • Help educators identify learning interests or needs
  • Link to meaningful options for professional learning
  • Award SCECHs and Badges
  • Connect to Statewide resources and opportunities
  • Align with Continuous Cycle of School Improvement and MTSS Framework
  • Create a collaboration between ISD’s, REMC’s, TRIG projects, and educational organizations throughout Michigan

How to contact us for training, PD and general questions

For any of the above trainings, please use the contact information below. There are links for our office location, website, direct phone number and email. Thank you for participating with your local REMC 9.