Bob Folsom Elementary Music

September 2016

Arrrr, Matey!

Welcome to Folsom Elementary Music! I'm overjoyed to have your student in class this year, and everyone is off to a great start! All classes started this year with Pirate Pete teaching us the pirate ways of the music room. Everyone practiced steady and not steady beat, and danced to our favorite song from The Peanuts Movie! We all performed our dance at our first Folsom assembly this year, led by Ms. Thrash's 2nd grade class. For our next assembly, we are learning a 1950's style dance to "Rock Around the Clock." The class with the most dojo points will be our leader on stage!

students have been exploring classroom instrument sounds! We've played along to "Tap Your Sticks" with rhythm sticks and "Blueberry Pie" with tambourines. We've also explored sand blocks, wood blocks, cymbals, triangles, jingle bells, egg shakers, maracas, and more. This week we're learning apple songs in conjunction with the classroom apple unit and learning about loud and quiet sounds. We love our friends Roger the Lion and Squeakers the Mouse!

FIRST GRADE students have begun working on their Christmas Program and we are so excited to share it with you. Everyone's favorite song so far is "Elfie Selfie" and you won't want to miss the fun! THE DATE FOR THE CHRISTMAS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CHANGED to Wednesday, December 7. Students will need to arrive at the Farmington Performing Arts Center at 6:00 p.m. and the show starts shortly after. All students will be acting as elves and will need to wear long pants (jeans/khaki/black) with a red or green Christmas shirt. We will have matching elf hats for all students to wear. If you would like to donate cardinal red/christmas green card stock, craft pom poms, or glitter, please send those items to school labeled for music. If you would like to volunteer to make hats for your child's class, please email Ms. Watson at

SECOND AND THIRD GRADE students have been learning all about notes and rests from our Music Show friends Luigi and Mike! We are reading and playing quarter notes, quarter rests, paired eighth notes, and half notes. Students have enjoyed playing rhythm sticks, xylophones, metallophones, and other classroom instruments while hunting rhythms on our pirate treasure map games!

RECORDER CLUB students have started rehearsals and everyone is doing well! We are working on two songs, "Playing the Note B" and "B Boogie," which has become everyone's favorite. We have several students who are almost to their first dojo belt! Please make sure your child knows which section they are in (M/W or T/Th) and arrives on time at 7:20. Right now we are only playing one note, but next week we will add another and rehearsal time will become more and more important to your student's success as the year progresses. Excessive absences or tardiness will result in dismissal from recorder club.

MUSIC NEEDS: We are coming upon cold season and the music room needs tissues! If you would like to donate a box of tissues, please send them to school labeled for music. Thanks for supporting Folsom Elementary Music!

Until next time,

Ashley Anne Watson

Folsom Elementary Music