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Our Vision

We envision a school where all students will be prepared to be productive citizens in an ever-changing, technology-driven world. Never has this been more true than today!

In the days ahead, our team is committed to working together to serve the needs of our #RCEfamily. We hope you will find the information below helpful as we set out on this journey together. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and we will do our best to find the answers you are seeking. Together, we've got this!

The Panther: Week 27 (season 9)
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RC Edwards Online Schedule

Students and staff will follow a schedule as close to their typical days as possible with the modified class times shown below. We hope this structure will provide some routine and comfort for our students in these uncertain times. Teachers will use Schoology to post daily lessons & assignments. A WebEx link may be provided in Schoology for each teacher to provide lessons and/or instructions via video conferencing. These lessons will be recorded and accessible for students to view outside of posted times as needed. Our goal as a faculty is to provide some consistency and stability for our students, while being flexible to meet the needs of our RCE families.
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Student Chromebooks

Our students will need to use their Chromebooks to access Schoology and WebEx in order to find the educational content prepared by their teachers. Students who have turned in a Chromebook for repair should have received a functional, swapped device.

If your student's device is not working, please use the link below to report those issues. Our RCE Tech Support will be in touch as soon as possible to troubleshoot or arrange for a device swap. Please be aware that we have a limited supply of surplus devices at this time, but we will do our very best to meet the needs of every student.

RCE Help Desk Form

Help is also available at (864) 372-9663.

WebEX Tutorial for Students

Click here if you need HELP with WebEX! Please be patient as the whole world hops on. We have found that it works BEST on a cellphone, so give that a try if you get frustrated.

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WiFi Access

Students will need internet access in order to access educational content. Downloading the Schoology and WebEx apps onto a cellphone is a potential temporary solution. For families who do not currently have home internet access, SDPC recommends the following options:

  • Charter Spectrum - Charter is offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 students who do not already have a Spectrum subscription. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395.
  • Hotspots - during online registration this year, parents were asked to indicate whether they had home internet access. SDPC is in the process of purchasing enough mobile internet hotspots for these families. Eligible parents will receive a separate email or phone call to inform them of their eligibility as these become available.
  • School Parking Lots - Students can access school WiFi from some of our school parking lots. Gates to our parking lots will remain open so that students can park on our properties and access school WiFi. Students will not be allowed to congregate outside their vehicles.

Food Service

SDPC is offering breakfast and lunch for anyone under the age of 18 (and special needs adults up to age 21) on school days (Mon.- Tues and Thurs-Fri).

School buses will travel to their morning and afternoon stops carrying meals beginning at 10 a.m. Monday-Tues and Thur-Fri. Double meals will be given out on Tuesday to help students through Wednesday. Lunch and breakfast will be delivered together. If the time when a student needs to pick up their meal conflicts with a class time, please inform the teacher. Keeping our students fed is a top priority, and our teachers will work with students to make sure basic needs are met first. If you have questions about a bus arriving on time, please call your area bus office. Any child, whether they ride a bus or not, is allowed to get a meal at any bus stop. If you need a meal, just look for a yellow bus!

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Guidance Support and Updates

Our school counselors have created a Schoology Group for each grade level. Codes to join these groups for information are listed below. This is a great resource for registration information, mental wellness tips, and communication with your counselors. Please take just a moment to join the appropriate Schoology Group and check out the Panther Bingo Challenge.
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