March 23, 2016

Public Relations

  • Develop a PR analysis for your potential new markets
  • Collect existing press to put together a Press page on Adonit's website to take advantage of already-secured media features and testimonials
  • Investigate those new market segments for sales potential for Adonit's products
  • Of those new market segments, prioritize the funnel and approach those markets strategically to reach them in the manner in which they will respond best
  • Research reporters and writers who would feature gadgets in mainstream magazines (i.e., Glamour)
  • Investigate untapped markets and find influencers in those markets to approach (i.e., the design community in Stockholm, Barcelona or Berlin)
  • Develop strategies to reach those new markets (i.e., through personal connections, online, through trade lists, etc.)
  • Create additional custom company messaging and pitches for your company and its products to use for various media outreaches
  • Develop the company's "story" - this is what gets the media interested in featuring your company
  • Research and compile a list of top bloggers to pitch who would include a piece about stylus to their non-techie audience (i.e., mom bloggers)
  • Pitch your company with the objective of placing pieces in blogs, magazines, and news sources outside of tech circles
  • Copywriting and editing on any existing written materials or creating new ones (including testimonials or website marketing copy)
  • Research conferences and festivals for your company to attend to show the product (i.e., education) or do street teams (i.e., Cannes Lions, Mobile World Congress)
  • Search editorial calendars of trade and non-trade publications for features coming up where Adonit’s products can be included
  • Map out Editorial Calendars and promote your company's story to those editors on deadline
  • Investigate gifting to influencers in a small and targeted way
  • Write 10 posts or articles about different ways you can use a stylus, who could use it, etc.
  • Create a usage / sampling program to get real life experience of using the product into the hands of people (i.e., at events where the target population attends)
  • Search editorial calendars of trade and non-trade publications for features coming up where Adonit’s products can be included
  • Search daily PR opportunities (subscription membership that I have) for of-the-moment, immediate PR opportunities and pitch those editors on deadline
  • Find out about events where Adonit can be featured as a “sponsor” or otherwise promote their products without much or any cost, including gifting suites


These activities, once prioritized, should take 10-15 hours per week. All activities will be documented with contacts reached, pitches written, status updates and results reached in a spreadsheet which will belong to Adonit.