East Timor

By Devon Starke

The basic's

East Timor has about 1,231,116 people inside there borders, and with that many people, you are definitely going to need some leaders. The head of state is the one and only President Taur Matan Ruak, and the head of government is Prime Minister Rui Araujo, who runs under a republic government. There capital is Dili, and most of the population either speak Tetun or Portuguese.


East Timor is low ranked in the income economy at place 158. 20% of their Population is unemployed, and 52.9% live on less than $1.25 a day. only about half of the population is Literate. There GDP per capital is 6,200.

East Timor culture

East Timor's diverse culture is influenced by many, like Portuguese, Roman Catholic, and Indonesian cultures. East Timor is very influenced by Austronesian legends. Many believe that East Timor was once an aging crocodile transformed into the island of Timor as part of a repayment to a young boy who had helped the crocodile when it was sick. As a result of that transformation, the island is shaped like a crocodile.

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