Aadhunik's Division Strategy

The Big Seven

Division Strategy

I'm going to teach you the Big Seven way of Dividing. Once you learn it you'll be dividing faster than Albert Einstein! W'll start with a problem:
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Now we have to write the multiple on the side. This is part of what makes it easy. You don't have to do it, but it will make the dividing easier if you do.
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Then, we would use these multiples to slowly take away from the number. First, we take away 700 since that is the most we can take away. Then, we would leave a 0 because we can't use any of the multiples of 7 x double-digit numbers. Finally, we take away 49( 7 x 7) because that is a basic fact. *Note that I circled the answer.
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I hope you learned something new from this. If this helped you, please use it. Please refer to the video down below for extra help.
Division Strategies