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Kindergarten is Cool!

Out Came a Beautiful Butterfly

The students in K4 have been learning about the butterfly cycle. We learned many interesting things about butterflies, including the fact that both wings are exactly the same. This is called symmetry. We made our own butterflies using paint to illustrate this concept. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

K4 Jellybean Project

Mrs. Conner and Mrs. Lord’s class practiced sorting by color using jellybeans. Students grouped the jellybeans that were the same color together and then wrote how many of each color. The next day students made a graph using their jellybeans. They discussed how using a graph made it easy to see which jellybean color had the most, the least, or which colors were the same. The best part of these lessons was when students got to eat the jellybeans on their graph.

K5 has learned all about plants!

Mrs. Watson's class had a fun year!