Monday, May 4th

How does the Library work in a pandemic?

There is a lot of talk in the library world about what to do during this quarantine.

How do we have programs, interact with patrons, and everything else we do on a daily basis without being able to see people?

Well, here at River Valley District Library, we have (somewhat) figured it out. We're answering phone calls, texts, and emails every day to continue to offer reference assistance to patrons. We have been helping people set up their apps to be able to access the vast array of online resources and databases that we offer. We have given book recommendations, created video content, and interacted with our patrons in ways we never would have thought possible a few months ago. Today's Special Board Meeting at 5:30 pm will include a discussion on how to best bring the Library through the current pandemic and into the future. Opinions vary from lay-offs to continuing services as we have been these past 7 weeks, and everything in-between. Members of the public are highly encouraged to join the meeting virtually via Zoom to share their opinions on the matter.

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Thank you for your continued support!

~River Valley District Library Staff~

Friends of the RVDL Plant Sale

Time is running out to pre-order your hanging basket! There are only about 20 of these beautiful baskets left just in time for Mother's Day!

All proceeds will benefit the Friends of the RVDL, who's mission is to help the library make information and knowledge accessible to the communities it serves.

Baskets are only $12 each for a 10-inch basket.

To order yours, please call the Library at 309-523-3440,

and thank you for your support!

Today's Trivia

What is the shared birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins from The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings?

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Trivia Answer

22 September. The two central characters were born on the same day, but in different years: Bilbo in the year of 2890, and Frodo in the year 2968, of the Third Age.

We miss all of our patrons and we hope to be able to continue to share all of this fun information with you!