Background Information:

Verbal Communication- Communication by spoken or written words.

Non-Verbal Communication- Communication by eye contact, tone of voice or hand gestures.

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Storytelling and speech helped information to travel to people and express thoughts and feelings. These two communication tools came before the written word.
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Starting around 30,000 BC symbols such as cave drawings, petroglyphs, and pictograms was the beginning of the written word. These tools helped information to be more accurate and to be spread to a larger region of people.
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The alphabet, a set of letters, came to be in around 1700 BC. Johann Gutenburg invented a printing press in 1450 to duplicate what someone has already written. In 1714, the first typewriter was patented, making it easier for authors or writers to put words to paper.
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The first sound communication came from a telegraph in 1831. Then in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Now telephones are used on a daily bases and there are over 360 million telephone numbers.
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In 1951 the UNIVAC was the first available mass produced computer. Then in 1973 the internet was invented and with the internet came email and social media web sites.
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