Tech Tip Tuesday!

Use GOOGLE SPREADSHEET as a virtual Copy Machine!

Important to Know: Only works in Spreadsheets and students/others must have Google Accounts

This was one of the best ideas that I saw at a workshop with Tammy Tang. If you want students to have their OWN copy of a spreadsheet, no need to Share with them and have them make a copy. This can be too confusing, as it adds 2 spreadsheets, original and copy).

The SOLUTION (but I have STEP by STEP instructions below.)

1. Create a spreadsheet. (This only works with spreadsheet - not with documents, BUT you can add any passages into a spreadsheet.)

2. Change the sharing option to "anyone with the link."

3. Add"&newcopy" to the end of the link to share.

4. When you share the appended URL, it FORCES students to make a copy!

Here are the STEP by STEP instructions (Not as hard as it looks)

1. Create your spreadsheet in Google Drive
Big image
2. Add the desired information into the spreadsheet. ( I just made a paragraph to add punctuation and capitalization.)

3. Click the "Share" button in the upper right corner of the page.

4. Click "Change."

5. In the sharing setting window, click the "Anyone with the link."

Big image
6. Click "Save."

7. Copy the provided URL.

Big image

Apply the "trick"

1. Shorten the URL by using a URL shortener, such as:
or use this SUPER cool tool!

2. Paste the link you copied from Step 7 above.

3. NOW...HERE's the TRICK!: Add the following WITHOUT QUOTATION MARKS to the end of the URL: "&newcopy"

4. Use the provided buttons to make the shortened URL.

5. Provide the shortened URL to students.

6. When the students enter the URL , they will see:

Big image
7. Students click 'Yes, make a copy." link.

(If they have not logged into their Google Accounts, they will be prompted to do so."

8. Voila! They have a copy.

TRY IT! Click the link below to see an example of this in action. Remember, it ONLY works if you have a Google Account.

Some Uses?

Use the method above to easily give students their own copy of the following:

  • List their goals
  • Ways they have used the 7 habits
  • Math problems to solve
  • Study guides
  • Class notes on any topics
  • Examples of exemplary work
  • Respond to specific passages (who, what, where, when, why, and how)
  • Story starters
  • List of web resources for everyone
  • Individual grade book template
  • Journal template
  • Vocabulary words
  • Business letter template
  • A resume template
    and many, many more ideas that you may think to add!

This idea was taken from the Tammy Tang workshop.