Gender Equality

One way to promote gender equality

Engaging Boys and Men

With education anything can happen. Woman and girls in India are not treated as equals. Women are expected to stay inside and are tasked with the cleaning, cooking, and fetching water. When boys and men are doing and thinking the same as they always have, the roles of girls and women will never change. Focusing on engaging men and educating them about women could really make a difference.

Equal Community Foundation

Equal Community Foundation is putting this concept to work in Pune, India. They teach classes for boys 14-17 once a week for 15 weeks. The mentors get the boys to think differently, to challenge what they know and have been told. By the end of the program they see a big change in the boys. They start to do more chores to help their sisters and mothers. They stop using abusive language towards girls and harassing them. Giving boys an outlet for discussion and having someone there to guide them really changes the way they think.

You can help too!

You can donate and fund raise to Equal Community Foundation (ECF) to help educate boys all around India. $45 will put a boy through the ECF program.