By Helen Moon

Global Winds

Global winds are caused by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface by the Sun's rays. There are three types of global winds. The winds going to the Equator are called Trade Winds. The Coriolis Effect makes the winds go curved and not the way the wind wants to go: straight. The wind going to the poles on the east side is called the prevailing westerlies. They are named from the direction they were coming from. So the winds coming from the east are called polar easterlies. Remember, then warmer winds are less dense than colder winds, so the warmer winds rise and the colder winds sink.

Local Winds

Local winds are caused by the same as global winds, but in a small area. There are two types of local winds. Sea breezes occur at day and move from the sea to land. Sea breezes are warm. Land breezes move from the land to the sea at night. This breeze is has cool temperature. The colder air still sinks below warm air.
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