Kindergarten News

Adventures in Ms. Kovalesky's Kindergarten Class

September 22, 2014


This week we read No David! and David Goes to School by David Shannon. While reading, we practiced identifying the characters and setting of both stories. We answered the questions who and where to identify character and settings. We also practiced saying "stop, David, stop! Think, David, think!" to help remind us that we need to think before we act. Then we made our own drawings of David.

We also started literacy centers this week. Each day the students did a different center to practice a reading skill. We practiced spelling each other's names, matching uppercase and lowercase letters, identifying and writing a's and b's, matching a letter to the picture's beginning sound, and naming uppercase letters by playing Boom Boom.

This week we also worked on listening for syllables. We clapped to hear the number of syllables in our names and other words. The students were also introduced to the alphabet chart. We use the alphabet chart to learn the sound that each letter makes. We practice saying the name of the letter, the picture, and the sound that the letter makes. We also worked on identifying the beginning sound of pictures and matching beginning sounds. For example, we saw a picture of an apple and an alligator. Then we had to decide if ax or pig stared with the /a/ sound like apple and alligator.


This week we played a game called Buzz to practice counting to 10. We also read the book Fish Eyes to help us practice counting. We continued to work on drawing scenes to show different amounts 1-4. We practiced showing different numbers using tiles and pattern blocks.

We worked on writing the numbers one and two. We use the following rhymes to help us make each number:

Number 1 is so much fun-

Pull straight down and you've got a one.

Number 2 is easy to do-

Up, around, down, and across makes two.

We also worked on graphing. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and made a class graph to show the different fruits that he ate. Then each student made their own graph showing how much of eat fruit the caterpillar ate.


We looked more at the rules that we want to have for our classroom. We talked more about being principled. We wrote and drew an example of when we are being principled.

We discussed that we also have rules on the bus. We made a list of rules that we think we should have on the bus. We learned about the rules that Susan Lindgren has for riding the bus. We learned about the danger and safety zones too. Then we made our own school bus. We practiced reading The Wheels on the Bus using student's names. We identified the first letter of the student's name and then used it in to fill in the blanks before the umpy ump.

The wheels on _______'s bus

go __umpty __ump

___umpty ___ump

___umpty ___ump

The wheels on _______'s bus

go ___umpty ___ump

All through the town.

Other Activities

  • We had our first lesson with Mrs. Moore. We talked about how everyone has a spark, something we enjoy doing and that we are good at

  • We had our first fire drill this week. We practiced lining up quickly, quietly, and safely. Then waiting outside calmly and quietly so we can listen to know when it is safe to go back in.

Notes From Ms. Kovalesky

Remember, if your child's after school plans change, please send a note or call the office so I am informed of the change. If I do not have a note, your child will do their normal after school routine.

We have Media on Thursdays. Books need to be returned by Thursday in order to check out a new one.

Upcoming Events

Thursday September 25: Bus Evacuation practice

Wednesday, October 1: Picture Day

Wednesday, October 15: Family Fun Night

Thursday, October 16: No School (MEA)

Thursday, October 17: No School (MEA)