Hannah Baker's Tapes

13 Reasons Why by Jay Aher

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As Hannah Baker goes through high school she faces many events that lead up to the "13 reasons" why she committed suicide. Each individual that contributed to her reasons got mailed a box with cassette recordings of Hannah Baker's final hour and the truth about what really happened.

-Meet The Characters-

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker was your simple, typical teenage girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was the new girl attending high school in a town named Crestmont and was very smart, attractive, and friendly. Hannah was very honest with her feelings and to people, especially in her tapes.

Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen is the narrator of the story. The one receiving the recordings. He always admired Hannah but was too afraid to confess. He had no idea Hannah felt the same way.


Tony is Clay's friend and he is also the first one to know about Hannah's tapes. Tony actually helped Hannah by lending his recorder to her, not knowing what for. Hannah's second set of tapes are entrusted to him. He is responsible for tracking down and making sure the first set of tapes gets sent to everyone as Hannah wished. If they don't, he will release the second set of tapes public.

Mr. Porter-(13th tape)

Mr. Porter, Hannah's English teacher and school counselor, talked to Hannah. When Hannah came to talk, he wasn't supportive and understanding. That made Hannah disappointed and eventually she committed suicide.

-Hannah's Tape #1-

Hannah Baker Tape 1
Hannah Baker Tape 1 continued - Justin

-Hannah's Tape #2-

Hannah Baker Tape 2 - Alex

-Hannah's Tape #3-

Hannah Baker Tape 3 - Jessica

-Hannah's Tape #4-

Hannah Baker Tape 4 - Tyler

-Hannah's Tape #5-

Hannah Baker Tape 5 - Courtney

-Hannah's Tape #6-

Hannah Baker Tape 6 - Marcus

-Hannah's Tapes #7-

Hannah Baker Tape 7 - Zach

-Hannah's Tape #8-

Hannah Baker Tape 8 - Ryan
Hannah Baker's Poem

-Hannah's Tape #9-

Hannah Baker Tape 9

-Hannah's Tape #10-

Hannah Baker Tape 10 - Justin and ???

-Hannah's Tape #11-

Hannah Baker Tape 11 - Jenny

-Hannah's Tape #12-

Hannah Baker Tape 12

-Hannah's Tape #13-

Hannah Baker Tape 13 - Mr. Porter
At the end of the story Clay passes on the tapes and he starts to notice people more on how they act. One person he recognized became isolated and withdrawn. He reaches out and in doing so, maybe saved a life.

By Kim Botto