Beetles have 3 body parts like all other insects. The head,thorax,and abdomen.With out those 3 body parts insects wouldn't be alive.Some beetles have wings the wings are attached to the thorax.


Baby beetles dont get to see there parents when there larva. With out them they can die easily. White grubs is a very common larva, they are white and brown and plump, with a curved body. Babies use there mouth to lure in food.


Beetles eat food like no other insect. Some even feed on fungi. A dung beetle eats dung. Some feed on flesh and hide. The click beetle eats the necatar from flowers. Some consume aphids, scale insects, thrips, and other plant suking insects that damige crops.


Beetles hard shells are hard and is often enough to keep a beetle safe from other insects or other beetles. Dome shaped leaf beetles and ladybird beetles pull their legs and anteena under this shell just like a turtle does. Flitless ground beetles squirt out jets of fomic assid,wich will burn the skin and cause eye damage.

Life cyle

Egg: A single female may lay from several dozen to several thousand eggs during her life time. They may also be in some families during mating, or among a few beetles for defense.

Thorax: The thorax is segamented into the two discernible parts, the pro- and pterathorax. When viewed from below, the thorax is that part from which all three pairs of legs and both pairs of wings arise.

Wings: The eltra are connected to the pteraathorax, so named because it is where the wings are connected.The eltrya are not used for flight , but tend to cover the hind part of the body and protect the second pair of wings.

Adobean:The abdomean its self dosn't have any appendages, but some species have stearn lobes. The sternum is the most widley visable part of the abdomean.

Different species

There are 400,000 kinds of beetles. The biggest beetle is the atlas beetle. A popular type is the carpet beetle. They are ranbiow color and take three years to grow to an adult. Power post beetles have 11 diffrent specicesin the U.S. They have long, narrow flat bodies and fly. Merchant beetles have flat bodies and crawl into food packeges to eat, live and reprdouce.

Interestlng facts

Beetles larvae do not look like normal beetles.

There are 400,000 kinds f beetles.

Beetles usually have two sets of wings.

All beetles have jointed legs.

Beetles lived with dinosaurs lived.