For Sale - 2011 BMW 128i

Under 14k miles and under warranty for more than 2 more years!

This is an awesome car which I'm selling with mixed feelings.
I've bought it while I lived in the South Bay and loved driving it, but since I moved to San Francisco, it doesn't justify the cost of ownership. I have driven it twice a month on average during the last 8 months, hence the super low mileage.

No scratches, apart from a small one on the back bumper.
All maintenance was done on time, since it's free and easy, and remains to be free until the car is 4 years old.

Important bit — it's a manual, which is rare with these. So if you are one of those who love shifting like a boss, it's perfect.


Mileage: as seen on one of the photos: under 14k. It's basically new.
Year: mid-2011

Leather seats, iPod connectivity, a BMW logo.

An awesome 3.0L engine attached to a badass 6-speed transmission. If you're worried about rolling back on the hills, it has a hill-hold system.