Chief Justice John Marshall

Garrett Bunch

Marbury v.s. Madison

· Happened in 1803

· Adams appointed judges right before his term ended

· Marbury lost

· This is important because it established the judicial review

Fletcher v.s. Peck

  • · Happened in 1810
  • · Decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1810, involving the Yazoo land fraud
  • The court ruled that an act of the Georgia legislature rescinding a land grant was unconstitutional because it revoked rights previously granted by contract.
  • The decision was the first to declare a state legislative act unconstitutional.

Martin v.s. Hunter's Lessee

  • Happened in 1816
  • Virginia passed a law that allowed the state to confiscate British loyalist property
  • Supreme court has power over state
  • Federal interpretation wins over state law
  • Issue: Does Supreme court have jurisdiction over states
  • Case decided that federal level wins over state level

Cohen's v.s. Virginia

  • Happened in 1821
  • State rights vs Federal
  • People selling lottery tickets against Virginia law
  • Marshall decided Virginia had to lift this law
  • Proved strong central government

Dartmouth college v.s. Woodward

  • Happened in 1819
  • Has to do with Contracts Clause
  • Allowed people to invest
  • Helped eliminate State v.s. Federal laws on Currency
  • Marshall said Contracts Clause prevented NH from interfering with private contract with Dartmouth College

McClloch v.s. Maryland

  • Happened in 1819
  • Issue: whether or not the government could institute a bank under constitution
  • Issue: Whether or not Maryland could tax bank
  • Marshall decided that under necessary improper clause the government could institute a bank despite not being under the constitution
  • Marshall used implied powers to override the state.
  • Maryland wasn't allowed to tax the bank