Helen Edwards Friday Focus

Friday, December 4, 2105

Great Things are Happening!

We had a great November staff meeting! It' so great to see such support and praise when staff recognizes other staff members for all the awesome things you do! I wanted to take just a moment to reflect on the things that were discussed in our break-out groups and to continue encouraging everyone along the way as we close-out this first semester.

Instructional & Office Aides: Ya'll have been doing a tremendous job on your time sheets!! Keep it up!! Just a reminder....they are due Friday before you leave, everyone must take a 30 minute lunch (not 29 min.), and all notes must be placed under the specific day for any adjustments to be made. Remember, a perfect time sheet for the six-weeks will earn you a free dress code pass!!!

Kindergarten Teachers: Janie was so impressed with all the creative and multi-sensory activities you shared with her. Just the short time that I was in your group, I could see the sharing of ideas and information across tables during the brainstorming time. Krystal and I will continue to visit your classrooms during your GR time so we can catch a whole lesson cycle and see some of these great activities in action.

Pre-K & Head Start Teachers: Ya'll are spot-on when it comes to focusing on letter-sound recognition, numbers, shapes, and colors with our students. These fundamental skills are the building blocks to early literacy and for a successful reader as they start to emerge into higher phonemic awareness skills. As our students continue to grow into pre-readers, we want to continue to expose them to sight words and simple word families. As requested, Krystal is working on setting up a schedule for our Pre-K and Head Start teachers to visit kindergarten classrooms during GR time after the holidays! Keep up the great work and keep Rock'in it in the classrooms!

STAT-CHAT Time: Please bring your Istation data (I know that most everyone has already pulled their December data) and your guided reading levels for your students.

December 7: Harris, Hayford, Hawkinds @ 3:15

December 9: Willis, Herrera, Holt, Jones @ 2:00

December 10: Trollinger, Whiteman, Burley @ 12:30

December 10: Redman, Dawson, McCaleb, Marcellus @ 1:15

December 16: All Pre-K and Head Start teachers during conference time

~Upcoming Events~

Mark Your Calendar!

December 4: Bilingual Make & Take

December 7: SST

December 8: SST, Head Start Field Trip to Yesterland

December 9: SST, Bowers will be out 1/2 a day; Going Away Gathering for ChristiReynolds @ 3:15

December 10: Staff party

December 11: Adopt-A-Kid

December 14: Pictures with Santa for Kinder

December 15: Bowers will be out, Pictures with Santa for Pre-K/HS & Christmas Performance @ 6:00 Jr. High (Trollinger & Willis' Pod)

December 17: Christmas Performance @ 6:00 Jr. High (Marcellus & Hawkins Pod)

December 18: Winter Parties

December Birthdays!

November 14: Christi Reynolds

November 14: Kelley Jones

November 28: Misty Hoedebeck

December 2: Krystal Lamb

December 3: Brooke Hayford

December 4: Sherri Martin

December 5: Kristy Sisson

December 7: Michele Cook

December 10: Kristin Willis

December 13: Mary Torres

December 13: Lucy Hernandez

December 21: Melanie Bowers

December 21: Janie Hardie

December 23: Wendy Dawson

December 27: Sarah Blackmon

~Pledge of the Week....Mrs. Bradicich's Class~

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