Blood Lead Damage

How can lead get into your body?

For little kids 4 and under lead can get into their body by eating things off the floor and putting non-food into their mouth. Also lead get into our body from dust and etc.

What effects does lead have on humans?

It can damage your brain cells and have you not thinking the right way. for kids the bones and muscle can stop growing and their kidney can be damage. For the adults it can cause death and nerve disorder.

Are children more likely to be affected by lead than adults?

Yes because children 4 and under mostly the one that put things in their mouth that is not food or they eat the food off the floor and it raise their lead poisonous up a lot.
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Can lead be prevent?

Lead can be prevented by going to the hospital and getting a blood test and making sure your house stay clean so that you won't be affected by the lead in the house.