The Honeycomb - January

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In this issue: Uploading Evidence, Cite 6, and a Hippo

Cite 6 - Tutorials

As you are entering information for your Cite 6, know that this site has a ton of videos for how to enter SLO info as well as accessing the Assessment Library.

Uploading Evidence: Guidelines, Suggestions, and Video Tutorials

When submitting evidence, consider the following guidelines and suggestions:

  • for Element 3, evidence should be seen during your scheduled evaluation
  • if, towards the end of the year, you still need evidence for 3, consider a narrative or video
  • post no more than 5 pieces of evidence
  • only link it to no more than 3 elements per piece of evidence
  • strategically schedule your future class evaluations so that you can show evidence of missing pieces

DCSD Learning Progressions

DCSD Professional Development offers Learning Progression courses throughout the year. Feel free to explore the sessions and possibly earn PGI credit.

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