UltraViolet Light

By: Daniela Lopez Physics Period 3

What are UltraViolet Waves?

Ultraviolet Light is an electromagnetic radiation that comes from the Sun. It's invisible to human's eyes, insects. Most of the insects can see ultraviolet light, for example, bumblebees. Most UV lights are subdivided into classifications. They are classified into UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C rays. The most harmful UV light is the UV-C ray. They are rays that absorbed in our atmosphere. The other harmful ray is the UV-B. It causes the humans to get a sunburn that is exposed to this type of ray and it can increase the risk of the DNA.
On ultraviolet (UV) rays

Video Summary

In the video, it explains what are Ultraviolet light is. Where it come from and how effects the human population during a hot summer day. Ultraviolet light is classified into specific rays. This rays can affect the human body in a different way, that can cause damage to health. It explains mostly how it affects the body, and the explain in detail about the rays.

Wavelength Range

The wavelength of an Ultraviolet is about 380 nanometers to about 10 nanometers.

UV-A (near the UV light): 315-400 nm.

UV- B (middle of the UV light): 280-315 nm.

UV- C (far from the UV light): 180-280 nm.

The radiation with wavelengths from 10 nm to 180nm are referred to as a vacuum or extreme UV.

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Frequency Range/ Velocity In a Vacuum

the frequency of the UV light is about 8 × 10 to 14 to 3 × 10 to 16 cycles per second or hertz (Hz).

The velocity in a vacuum is 300, 000, 000 m/s.

Everyday Life

Ultraviolet Light waves are used in hospital's UV lamps to sterilise surgical equipment and the air in operating rooms to kill microbes

Also are used for getting a sun tan, detecting forged bank notes in shops, and hardening some types of dental filling.

Positive health impacts the vitamin D, in our bodies. It produces frequently vitamin D in our body. It also impacts skin conditions. The UV is used in the treatment of the skin such as psoriasis. When it's exposed to the UV light, it slows the growth of the skin cells and relieves the symptoms.

Negative health impacts skin cancer. It's caused by the sun exposure. It states that as many as 90% of skin cancers are due to UV radiation. Another negative health impacts the immune system. When it's exposed too much to UV radiation, it harms the immune system to function unproperly by fighting diseases.

Summary about the Article

In the article, it explains of how Uv light can maintain the environment, not outside, but inside any type of places that have bacteria surrounding the humans. Mostly located in machines that many workers can't clean it properly. Researchers study and experiment that Uv light can help to kill the bacteria, it showed that many hospitals are providing and getting a type of Uv light to have a better cleaned environment.

Interesting Facts

  • Apple juice or cider are treated with UV light to reduce the levels of microbial pathogens.
  • The urine of many species of rodent can strongly reflect UV light.
  • UV-A ray is the least harmful ray, but it can damage the skin from aging. UV-B rays burn the skin and damage the humans eyes.