Oklahoma Times

By Veneeza Humayun

In Windrixville, Oklahoma, some young children on a field trip were stuck in an abandoned church on fire when two teenagers wanted for murder saved them and became heroes.
In Windrixville, Oklahoma, young children were on a school field trip and somehow got stuck in an abandoned church that was on fire, due to what was a cigarette left on fire. Two teenagers, Johnny Cade, and Ponyboy Curtis, wanted for the murder of Bob Sheldon, saved those kids' lives. As Ponyboy helped all the kids out of the blazing church the church started to crumble behind them. Because of the collapsing of the church, Johnny got stuck in the church and was trapped. But, Dallas Winston, a teenager who has a long record with the police, ran into the church, knowing he would never be the same when he got out. He wanted to save Johnny. Well, he did, and they got out without the church completely crumbled. Being a hero, of course, always comes with a price, and as for Johnny, he got injured severely and broke his back due to a blazing piece of timber from the church falling on it. Johnny is still in the hospital fighting for his life. Dallas' arm was burned very badly, and he was badly injured, but was out of the hospital in no time. Ponyboy, on the other hand, had gotten bruises and burns, but compared to Johnny, he was completely fine. Thank you, Johnny and Ponyboy for saving the lives of those poor children, risking their own lives as well. Please pray for Johnny as he will need as much luck as he can get.