Formal Wear For Men

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Men’s Formal Wear Outfits

Dressing for a formal event can have its advantages. A casual event could leave you in two minds over what outfit would best suit the occasion. On the other hand, invitations to formal events clearly state the dress code expected. Therefore, formal events with prescribed dress codes eliminate the element of doubt. A formal occasion where all men have dressed in similar formal wear outfits can look quite drab. In most cases, black and other muted colours will dominate the event.

If the invitation specifies that you need to wear a Black Tie outfit, you must simply prepare for wearing formal wear like a tuxedo. Elegant and formal invitations will normally detail the dress code in terms like: Black Tie, Full Dress, Black Tie Preferred etc. Whether you own a tuxedo or plan to rent one, each tuxedo has six components that enhance its look and appeal. These are:

• A Black Evening Jacket: This will usually be single breasted with upward sweeping peaked lapels.

• Black Trousers: These must have piping made of silk, satin or grosgrain at the sides. They must not have cuffs at the bottom.

• A White Business Shirt: This will not be a simple white business shirt you can wear to work. It must have small, black buttons, a pleated front and a turndown collar.

• A Black Cummerbund or Waistcoat: This will conceal the waistband of the trousers.

• A Black Bow Tie: This could be either a butterfly shaped bow tie or a winged bat variety.

• Black Oxford Shoes: They must be clean, well-polished and have silken laces as their lightweight characteristic will enhance the comfort factor for the wearer

For Black Tie Optional situations, formal wear like a tuxedo or a dark men’s suit are perfect. Replace the traditional evening jacket with an odd one instead. This dress code provides a greater sense of inclusiveness to formal occasions. Hence, if you have a dark men’s suit or a tuxedo, wear the outfit that fits you best.

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