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Jon Christensen

Lesson 1

Summary: This lesson is designed for a ninth grade I search unit. The lesson involves the students in evaluating websites as sources for research. The teacher will first model grabbing any site, and then the process of evaluating a site. Students and teacher will brainstorm protocols to evaluate a site. This lesson will help students distinguish between reliable and unreliable research source. The lesson introduces the students not just to online research but to looking at their sources.

Lesson Draft:

Materials needed: Computers or laptop carts

Chart paper

Standards: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.6



Lesson Support

Rationale for the lesson: Students often Google material and then choose or select early or prominent hits. They lack familiarity with other search engines and definitely have little exposure to academic searches. The students also do not evaluate their sources for the usefulness or validity of the claims.
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Lesson 2

This lesson is related closely to the schools use of Performance based assessments. The teacher will model the process of using a presentation medium to develop a presentation for the I search. The presentation will be connected to the paper, but should be different. The presentation will work will discuss features, content design and utilization of features to enhance presentation.


Materials needed: laptop cart


Standards: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.9-10.2



Lesson 2 Support

Students need to present as part of all there PBAT's at the school. The students need the skills of preparing a presentation and developing ideas in a presentation. They also require practice at improving their presentations. Students need to develop familiarity with various presentation software and a comfort with including or using features in a presentation. Students also need to develop an idea of what an exemplary presentation looks and sounds like.

I Search Unit and project outcomes

The unit is a length of 6-8 weeks. The unit culminating project is a paper of 5-7 pages, and a presentation of 7- 10 minutes. The students choose a topic of interest brainstorm ideas and then develop a research question. Students then research the topic thereby developing research skills.

Jon Christensen

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I search Research and Rationale

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