Water Crisis in Haiti

Presented by the Oceania Organization

Water Crisis in Haiti Becoming More Severe

The issue in Haiti is so serious that 70% of the 10,461,409 Haitians don't have access to clean water. They even have to survive on garbage filled water. As the old saying goes "Desperate times calls for desperate measures."

Haiti is located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The population of Haiti is 10,461,409!

What are the Problems Concerning Clean, Fresh Water?

Haiti is a very poor country; most Haitians live off of less than $2 a day (U.S.A. currency). Because of this, poverty is a main concern in Haiti, so many can't afford homes or wells. When these Haitians can't afford fresh water, they travel to get water from contaminated water sources. About 50% on Haiti's population die due to waterborne illnesses, such as typhoid and chronic diarrhea. Not only that, earthquakes make the whole situation worse by destroying wells and water systems. All of these problems form a huge concern.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." -Anonymous; These following 3 pictures are more powerful than 3000 words will ever be...

What are some solutions?

One solution is already being carried out. The Water Project is repairing wells, which has helped many people in Haiti. Another solution would be to build MORE wells to those who don't even have access to broken wells. People could also help transport tons of clean fresh water. Hopefully, solutions will be carried out more in the future.

3 Statistics of Haiti

-$18.31 billion is the GDP

-Unemployment rate: 40.6%

-Population below poverty: 58.5% (over HALF)

We are the Oceania Organization

We formed our group very recently. We specialize in topics about water (or H20) and the ocean. We completed a project on the Ocean Zones and we completed this flyer as well.

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