abigail power vs. rep

by nick c

In Act 1 Abigail was always trying to do something but most importantly she was trying to defend her reputation. While act 1 was going on there were many instances where she was defending her reputation. One example and quote from the text is ''Betty: you drank blood, abby! You didn’t tell them that!

Abigail: Betty, you never say that again! You will never-''

And then she goes on to slap her

She would never want anyone to know that she drank blood because it would ruin her reputation. To Abigail reputation is everything.

In act two she shows power, she also shows reputation but she mostly shows power. one example from the book is 'Abigail stabs herself with a needle so johns wife will be hung'. There is a lot of power behind that because she got what she wanted the whole play. The fact that she would hurt herself and get someone hung means that she has shown that she is going to get what she wants

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In act three she has lots of power because she gets marry warren hung. She actually isint in act three but she gets her hung,
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