"The Advocate"

INFJ personality type

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

-Creativity: Vivid Imagination, Lots of compassion, How INFJs resolve human problems
-Insightful: Easily sees through dishonesty and bad motives. Use honesty as their tactic for sales
-Inspiring/Convincing: Speak like humans and allow others to understand them.
-Decisive: Ideas are held with solid belief and conviction
-Determined/Passionate: Pursuit of a goal with energy and necessity that can seem odd compared to their normal behavior.
-Altruistic: Strengths are never used for themselves but always for good

-Sensitive: Challenges and/or Criticism can make them angered quickly
-Extremely Private: Presented as a multi-ideal, protects their personal thoughts and/or feelings
-Perfectionist: Defined by pursuit for personal Ideals
-Always in need of a cause: Caught up in passion for pursuits, hate obstacles
-Easily Burns Out: Poor Patience for routine.

Understanding the INFJs

Quick Facts:
-The INFJs make up less than 1% of the population
-Some well known INFJs are: Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa
-Typically hold these traits: creativity, rare use of energy for personal gain, conviction, sensitivity, create balance, imagination
-INFJs can be forgetful about their own health since they are so wrapped up in their cause that personal health or well-being can easily be forgotten in place of the common good
-Try to help Humanize the world rather than De-Humanize
-Have a strong moral foundation
-Want to help take care of the world
-In relationships they don't get too upset over anyone person since they always believe that there will always be another person who will be right for them
-They can be good counselors and advisers
-Have little care for any monetary gain
-Try to advance ideas that will make the world a better place
-Desire deep connections with people
-Yearning for authenticity or something real when looking for a friend
-Like to meet people with similar interests
-They aren't always easy to get to know because of their overly private life style
-Often look for those who are the perfect compatibility for themselves but not always
-The often eloquence of the INFJs words or beliefs can make them popular or more noticeable, but this is something that INFJs do not appreciate.
-When an INFJ finds a common thread between themselves and a new friend they then stay loyal to them
-With INFJs they don't care how long they've known someone so long as they have a quality friendship with them
-INFJs do not want lots of friends if they aren't good friends (Quality vs. Quantity)