Staff Development Conference Term 2

Who controls your destiny?

Our Second Staff Development Conference for 2014

Building upon creating 21st century thinkers we will now be venturing into the future of learning.

Who controls your destiny ?

Monday, April 28th 2014 at 9am

Kendall Rd

Castle Cove, NSW

Dress - Nautical

Sailing Schedule

0900 Our day will begin in the crew cabin of our flag ship, the HMAS-CCPS Learning. Please enjoy the tea and coffee, and take the opportunity to meet and greet the other captains of the fleet.

0930 Ships briefing – setting the coordinates to sail into your future. – Corinne Campbell

0940 Situation reports – from the Future Schools Conference

· Eric Mazur – Jeanette Cope

· Future Book – Susie Jacobs

· Spaces for Learning – Corinne Campbell

1040 Chief Officer’s report: navigational guidelines for Term 2 - Trent Moses

1110 Tea and biscuits in the officers’ mess, fleet assignments in the poop deck

1130 Briefing: Destination – The NSW Maths Curriculum

1140 Fleet manoeuvres –

plot a course for the sub -strands of the NSW Maths Curriculum

1300 Lunch break in the officer’s mess - a banquet of Fish & Chips details from Trent

1340 Navigation reports –

present navigation maps for the NSW Maths Curriculum - Margie Bryom

1440 Your Learning Itinerary – setting the coordinates for your learning destination

1530 Boat races off the starboard bow.

Songs to sail by..

Below are some links to songs that you may like to hum throughout the day.
The Mighty Boosh - Future Sailors Song - BBC comedy
Split Enz: Pioneer/Six Months In A Leaky Boat
Robbie Williams - Beyond the Sea - Live at the Albert - HD