Willemstad NewsLetter

by: Jordon

Interview with Phillip

WT: So Phillip how did you end up on the island?

Phillip: Well me and my mom where sailing away from my home because it got torpedoed.

WT: Witch one your house or the boat?

Phillip: Mostly the boat but my home got damaged.

WT: Who rescued you?

Phillip: This big black man named Timothy.

WT: How did you become blind?

Phillip: I looked at the sun to long.

WT: When did you get on the island?

Phillip: I'm not sure but I think it was about May.

WT: Where was the island?

Phillip: In the Devils Mouth.

WT: How long where you on the island?

Phillip: About a summer.

WT: How old are you?

Phillip: 12.

WT: Where you on the island alone?

Phillip: No I had a friend named Timothy.

WT: What happened to Timothy?

Phillip: There was a big storm and he saved me and Sew Cat but not himself his back was cut to screds.

WT: How was the whether?

Phillip: It was nice around in the 80's or 90's.

Timothys obituary

Timothy's background about his family is that he was adopted. Timothy was a deckhandon the hato he worked there intil the ship blew up. What made Timothy so special was that he saved Phillip from the big storm. What caused his death was the big storm from saving Phillip and his back was torn apart from the storm also from the sea it came up from the wind, thats how stronge the wind was.

National News

What was going on in 1942 was germans where attacking with bombs and air craft. There was bomings there where gun fightsand. World War2 was mostly about nucular wepeans. So the Gurmans and the Japenes where boming and fight mostly the U.S.A.
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Whether in Curasou right now

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