What kills the Ozone?

Because we must know.

The Ozone Is DYING!

The Ozone Layer may be just a name to many people in many places. To those who actually know what is is, it is the line between life and death. The Ozone Layer actually protects us from the sun's harmful UV ( Ultra-Violet) rays. These rays are the causes of different types of skin cancer. Just a person standing outside on a hot, cloudless, day can easily get a sunburn that can turn into something so much worse. Without the Ozone Layer, we could all have painful, burning, deaths. Of course we would all adapt, but what would happen when our water source evaporates into the air faster than we can get to it. What of the trees? They will all burn and die and we would no longer have air for the water to evaporate into! We need the Ozone Layer! What would you rather have: Nice clean water and air, or disgusting dirt and smog?