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By: Kaity Rechenmacher and Emily Jones


We chose #Love yourself not only as a message for the people who don't appreciate themselves for who they are, but also for the people like Disney who try and make a specific image for beauty to show that we don't need the media and someone else's image of beauty to make us feel good.


Our message is obviously to love yourself, this presentation speaks out against the people who say that you have to look a certain way. Our official message is for those people, the ones who don't approve of the way you are, or try to get you to change your body. "As portrayed by the pictures in our presentation, No one needs to change who they are to be beautiful, it's not about what's on the outside, it's what's within that makes us beautiful."

Target Audience

Negative media Players

These are the people such as Disney and the celebrities that expect you to try and live up to their image expectation. These people are the one's who make you insecure, they expect you to be able to live up to what they look like and realistically not everyone can dot that. Then, the people who don't look like everyone else get bullied and discouraged.


We decided to use Disney Princesses to show some of the Body Image expectations from the media and sometimes even the people around us. Disney princesses are popular as children and sometimes even with adults as role models. They look pretty, everything in their lives always works to their benefit in the end, and they always end up with a handsome prince. But, in reality, their not good role models at all. The image portrayed by the Disney princesses isn't realistic which leads people in an unrealistic expectation of what they could look and act like
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Merida is the most realistic princess from Disney, this picture is originally from the movie and there is no editing done. She has a realistic waistline, her arms don't look like sticks, her hair is super crazy, and she's not wearing any makeup. This was a more recent Movie by Disney and it did a much better job of creating a role model out of the princess, she's brave, she actually does something to change her situation, and she uses a weapon to actually defend herself. She is the perfect role model to support our campaign against people who speak out against being yourself, because she is just that, HERSELF. The problem with the way society is now is that people honestly think we can all achieve perfection in our looks, but we can't, at least not to their standards of perfection. But all of us are perfect just the way we are and that's what people don't realize and what were trying to convey in this presentation.


This video supports our Disney Comparison pictures and how real people reacted to the Pictures we chose. These people, like most young girls, admired Disney princesses, that is until they saw the pictures form the movies.

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In this article, two people explain the pros ad cos of Disney princesses. One in particular stuck out, the famous princess we all love and adore, Ariel. It is seemingly an innocent story of the transformation from a mermaid into a human, all for the love of a man. But if you really analyze the story, she has this image in her head that in order to be truly happy and gain the love of this man, she must change who she is. Ariel "sells her voice to the devil in order to change her body for the man she is in love with."