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The types of air conditioning systems Perth residents may have

Want to install a new air conditioning system in your home? There are so many new styles of AC unit that it can be hard to tell which is the right systemfor you, and even whether the one you prefer will work effectively in your home. Choosing which of the units is best for your home, and for your idea of a perfect unit, can sometimes be more difficult due to the range of options that you have. However, if you can find a good air conditioning unit, then you are on your way to having a cooler and more relaxing home.

The split air system

This is one of the most common air conditioning systems Perth residents are likely to see, and to consider. The majority of the units offered for sale by large companies are this kind of AC unit. The split system means that you have an external and an internal unit, which are linked together with ducts. The external unit helps to cool the air, while the internal unit actually puts the cool air into the room's atmosphere. If you wish to, you can have several appliances running off of the same external unit, known as a multiple-split system. These can cost between AUS$1000 and AUS$5,000.

Window air conditioner

This is the most popular for residents who have a single room only that they wish to keep cool. These units are attached to the window of the room in question, with the external and internal parts connected together, and the unit itself putted into a slot made in the wall beside the window, in the window sill, or sometimes in the glass window itself.

Cassette ceiling air conditioning units

This is the type of AC unit which is often used in commercial and public buildings. It is extremely flexible, and fits into a small recess in the ceiling, with only a small panel containing the controls on the outside. The unit is connected to ducts which are linked to a single external, and extremely powerful, unit, which then pumps cool air into the room as required. Air can also be drawn from the room, to increase the overall chill factor. These units are a good way of cooling down a large area, such as a shop, a foyer, or a hall.

Air duct units

If you don't have enough space in your ceiling to fit a cassette unit, then the other option is to install ducted units. These use ducts to take air from a central cooling tower, and then push it through metal grills which are linked to air ducts. In some cases of these air conditioning systems Perth residents have them installed into their homes, and use them to control both heating and cooling.

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