Viewing Viola

(She's the Man)

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Viola's identity

In "Shes the Man", Violas character loves soccer and is very serious about it. Shes the type that goes out of her way to get what she wants or to prove something. She is very strong willed and open minded and is not afraid of a difficult task. Shes the type that needs help but she works her way through everything, she doesn't want to hurt anyone but somehow it ends up happening. Like when she asked Duke to help her with soccer so she could make the first string, she really wanted to get first string so she agreed to the deal of setting him up with Olivia, proving she will do anything to get what she wants. Also when she asked Paul to transform into a guy and act like on as well so she can get on the boys soccer team to prove that she can beat them, that also proves that she will do anything to prove a point and get her way. In the end she just wants everyone happy and she wants to be viewed as someone who doesn't give up and who believes in what she loves.

Viola's Gender

In "Shes the Man", Viola's gender gets in the way a lot, which is why she was lead to the point of dressing up as her brother and pretending to be him. Viola's soccer team got cut and when she tried to join the boys soccer team she couldn't because she was a girl. Also viola had to dress up as her brother and pretended to be him at a school so she can join their boys soccer team and beat the team that didn't let her join. Also she cant shower with the other guys because shes pretending to be a guy but shes really a girl so she has to wait to do it on her own time. She has to hold back on a lot of things regarding the gender shes pretending to be. Like when shes talking on specific things she has to make sure she responds to it like a actual guy would. She has to hide her feelings when shes with duke, because she cant be all flirty and heart eyes with him when shes pretending to be her brother.

People's Perception of Viola

Other characters in the movie view viola as a different and odd person. As Viola people view her as not such a girly girl and different from other girls but also not a weak person. Like when her mom said to her that she sometimes thinks shes her brother Sebastian, she said that because Viola isn't the most girly person in the world. Other people also view her as a sloppy person. When Viola was eating at the event the other women were looking at her because she was eating like a pig. As Sebastian people see Viola as a weird and strange guy, she somehow is always caught doing something a guy wouldn't typically do, which is why the other guys think she's strange. Like when she was caught with tampons and she had to lie and say she sticks them up her nose when it bleeds.

Similarities and Differences Shared with Viola

Me and Viola have a lot in common. We both are strong willed and will do anything to get our way or prove a point. We both aren't the most girly girls around, we both just want people to be happy at the end of everything. I don't really like soccer as much as her but i find it fun.