Prepping for PACE

Getting your mind focused on what's to come

Wi-Fi Access

  • Wi-Fi Access: We've taken one step to help you out a bit. This year, you don't have to remember passwords for Wi-Fi and whatnot. Now, you can use the Wi-Fi Reconnect App and scan this QR code! We will provide you with ONE code for your classroom in the next week or two.


  • Trouble-shooting Posters: We know students want help on their tablets when they have problems, but sometimes, it can be a disruption to the classroom flow. We will be getting some trouble shooing posters to you in the next week or two as well! Consider a convenient location on your walls where you could put one.
  • Tablet Ticket System: The Ticket System for tablet problems this year is simple! When you or a student has tablet troubles at school -- and have tried to troubleshoot yourself to no avail, scan this QR code with your QR Droid Reader. It will take you to a short survey you (or a student) can complete to let us know you need help! A Tablet Responder will try to help as soon as possible. Feel free to place these around your room in locations that are most convenient for your workflow.

Other PACE Questions? Ask me or these three!

Playlist Builder Refresher

Thursday, Oct. 16th 2014 at 4-5pm

435 Peeden Dr

Gibsonville, NC

This will be a quick and easy refresher on Playlist Builder for those of you who would like to attend. Playlist is a great way to push items out to your students in class and collect assignments electronically. It will be one of the early Learning Management Systems we are integrating into our lessons here at EGMS. Please RSPV here, so I can get a head count and make sure we're in a good location for it!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Amplify Playlist Builder

The Amplify Playlist Builder can be accessed by going to Your credentials are:

Some of the students training modules will require your use of Playlist, so make sure you can access it well before deployment! If you can't see this year's classes, let me know ASAP.


Remember that our students learn so much through observation. Make sure you're modeling good tablet protocol when using yours at school! Some things to remember:

  1. Are you carrying your tablet carefully, with both hands?
  2. Are you putting it on the top of stacks?
  3. Are you keeping it in safe and appropriate places?
  4. Are you keeping the cover closed when it's not in use?

These are all small things, but things that will help our tablets last longer, and show students proper tablet care!

Office 365's OneDrive

OneDrive is a great tool that GCS has available for us to use. If you are familiar with Google Drive, it is a similar tool. It hosts your GCS e-mail online, but also gives you the option to create Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Excel Survey documents online -- meaning you can then access those documents anywhere you have the internet. You can also store any other documents you've already created on OneDrive too by uploading them to the system. Be on the look-out for a OneDrive session at Eastern!

PACE Parent Night

Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 at 6-6:45pm

Eastern Guilford Middle School, 435 Peeden Drive, Gibsonville, NC 27249

There are two locations for this event: Eastern Middle and Rankin Elementary.

The PACE Team will be updating parents on the new policies and procedures regarding the PACE Initiative. Topics include:

  • Items students will receive
  • GCS Replacement Policies
  • GCS Theft Policies
  • Safe and proper use guidelines


Your resident Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator, or PLEF. I am hear to help you with all of your PLE and PACE needs. If you use Twitter any, follow me @perkyPLEF. I post a lot of cool materials, websites, and articles up there for your benefit!