Send email reminders to parents and students

Go paperless with your parent and student contacts!

Do you want an easy way to remind your students about an assignment or test date that is coming up? How about a paperless way to keep a record of parent contacts? This challenge will provide you with an online resource that is one click away from changing the way you structure your class announcements!

Remind Challenge

Create your own class

1. Go to

2. Click 'Teacher Sign Up'

3. Fill out the information (first name, last name, email, password)

4. Click 'Complete Sign Up'

5. Click 'Add a New Class'

6. Enter the 'Class Name'

7. A 'Class Code' will appear

8. Click 'Add'

9. Instructions will appear that will provide you will your 'Remind Number' and 'Class Code'

10. Give your students this code and create your own class!

***Suggestion: Include this information in your syllabus***

How do you get your badge?

Submission Directions:

1. Create your own class using the directions above.

2. Add parents emails or have parents/students sign up for your Remind.

3. Send out at least 5 reminders.

4. Take a screenshot of your 5 reminders.

5. Upload your screenshot to google drive, get "shareable link".

6. Click on "Remind Badge" button below and submit your "shareable link".

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