BEE Curious!

Brownsville Library News - 2nd Quarter 2016

BEE Connected!

Wondering what books are available in the Brownsville Library? Search for resources from the comfort of your classroom (or from home!). Simply visit the Brownsville Elementary Library webpage, and click on the Find Books - Alexandria image.

BEE Encouraging!

It is so exciting to see Brownsville bees enter the library with library passes! Please keep them coming - they are thrilled to have this bit of independence, and are excited to have a new book in their hands.

BEE an Expert!

Are you encouraging students to ask wonder questions, but aren't sure where to send them to safely search for more information? The Research and Learn tab of the library webpage has many linked databases with robust content.

Here are some favorites:

Britannica Online (available in Spanish too!)

World Book

Find It VA: Kids Infobits & National Geographic Kids.

This Google Doc of resources and passwords may come in handy as well!

BEE Tech Savvy!

Trying to find the time to log a ticket with the DART Service Desk? Want to know a shortcut? Instead of logging in to the service desk, you can send an email to:

You will still receive the same ticket alerts, but will hopefully save time submitting the ticket. If you don't already have an email signature with your school information, be sure to include the info in your email.

Are you curious how to make the sticky note image to the left? Check out SuperStickies.

Big image

BEE Adventurous!

Looking for a new way for students to show what they know? Check out the Show with Media website (image above) for a plethora of ideas. Some options require accounts or have an associated cost, so be sure to check out the specifics.

Wondering what apps we have available on the iPad sets? Check out this Google Doc about resources on the Innovation Lounge iPads - other collections may differ slightly.

Have you heard of Aurasma? This augmented reality app allows you to layer a personal video on top of "trigger image" to create an "Aura!" Totally confused? Ask me for a demo or check out the below TED Talk for an inspiring introduction!

Matt Mills: Image recognition that triggers augmented reality

BEE a Reader!

Did you know that ACPS has a subscription to a digital collection of professional books? Take a look at the Gale Virtual Reference Library, and click on Education for a visual of the collection. If accessing from home, use the password: schools.

BEE a Library Visitor!

Guess What? There are books for you in the BES Library! Come and browse the professional collection, or take a look at the "Weekend Reading" shelf located in the Library Office. Take a book, leave a book - just in time for the upcoming snow day(s)!

Some weekend reading books you will find:

  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - you know you've been wanting to read this one!
  • Another Day by David Leviathan - YA series, this is book #2 (book #1 is Every Day)
  • Zero Day by David Baldacci - military + crime (I haven't read it, but you should!)
  • The Raft - a "survivalist" YA title that I read and "borrowed" from my daughter to share with you!

Note: Sometimes as a librarian I receive ARCs (advanced reader copies), so these may be included on the shelf but aren't in final print form.

BEE Collaborative!

I'm eager to work with you and/or your team as you plan, implement, and reflect on student learning experiences. With some advance notice I can be available during your PLC block, or we can can catch up by email, in the halls, or over lunch. I look forward to working with you!