no bright lights when sleeping.

Light is meant for day, not night!

studies show that it is bad for your health to sleep with lights on.

The wrong type of light at night can cause unsafe driving conditions, and too much night light may even increase the risk of cancer, and give you less sleep.

danger in driving

When the light is streaming into your eyes your pulps dilate. Then when you go driving it is like driving with your eyes half closed.

increase of cancer risk

Exposure to light at night disrupts production of melatonin, is a hormone that is part of the human sleep-wake cycle . It's thought that melatonin may be a cancer suppressor, and that exposure to light may accelerate cancer development. like breast cancer.

more sleep

light messes with the body clock, and the light wakes you up in the night. So it is better to keep the lights off when you or others are sleeping for it may be dangers for your health to keep them on.

No light means more sleep and a healthier person!