My Bucket List

Reagan Sweeney

Underwater Hotel in Fiji

I want to visit the underwater hotel in Fiji, because I am a swimmer and I think it would be cool to go underwater for a three day period. The underwater hotel is called Poseidon Underwater Resort. This resort is located just off the coast of Australia in the Pacific ocean.
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I would like to visit Hawaii, because of all of its beautiful sites. There is a resort located in Hawaii called Westin Maui Resort that has a water slide! There are many beaches to visit in Hawaii. Hawaii is located in the Pacific ocean. It is just off the coast of California.
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Paris, France

I would like to visit Paris, France, because I would love to see all of the lights at dark. I would also like to see the Eiffel Tower at dark, because it would look like its glowing. Paris is located in France, which is located in Europe.
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