OLC $5.00 Shirt

OLC @ Azle Elementary

$5.00 Shirt, You know you want one!

All the money goes to the OLC (Outdoor Learning Center) Thanks to our friends at TRWD (Tarrant County Regional Water District ) donated the five dollar shirts. This enables us to continue the dream and vision of the Outdoor Learning Center @ Azle Elementary.

Click below to learn more about the the history and vision of the OLC

No ink? No Printer? No problem.

Just send 5.00 to school with your child. Cash or Check and make the Checks out to the Azle Elementary PTO. Attach this to a piece of paper or envelope along with how many shirts and the sizes of the shirts, the name of your child and your child's homeroom teacher.

In simple terms.

  1. 5.00
  2. Paper or Envelope
  3. Shirt Sizes
  4. Child's name
  5. Homeroom teachers name
  6. Turn all Money and orders into the Black PTO Mailbox, located in the office.
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Plant The OLC

Why was that grass so tall?

The OLC is an Outdoor Classroom in front of the school. It started from a Grant from the Azle Education Foundation. The OLC provides hands on demonstrations of weather, erosion, deposition, seed dispersal, plant life cycle, water conservation, solar electrical generation, rainwater harvesting, and an example of native Texas plant species.

Sometimes the grass may get tall. Don’t be alarmed. Rember it’s an Outdoor Ed space designed to be an educational tool. From time to time the grass and wildflowers are required to grow tall and reseed.

The OLC features plants that have been chosen from local Native Plant experts from The Native Plant Society of Texas, as well as Tarrant County Master Gardner's and the experts at the Texas Agri Life Extension office.

Matt Cook leads an after school Club that meets periodically through the year. Members pull weeds, clean sidewalks, plant flowers…. At the end of the year we will go on a working field trip and donate two hours worth of labor to a local garden and learn how good soils are made.

If you are interested and want more details follow Mr. Cook below:

Azleolc on Twitter or see me on Youtube


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OLC Needs

Since we operate on donations we are in need a of a few items. This is a good time to find discounted gardening tools.

  1. Shovels
  2. Rakes
  3. Hoes
  4. Brooms
  5. A Rubbermaid outdoor storage locker-see the above image
  6. Hand garden tools
  7. Cloth work gloves
  8. Plant transplants, if you have natives you would like to give away we would be happy to take them. I can supply containers if you can dig them up and get them to school.
  9. Bags of Native Mulch for dressing out flower beds.
  10. Cash donations for the purchase of the above items and plants.

If you have questions or can help in anyway contact Matt Cook at mcook@azleisd.net

Sponsored By

Azle Education Foundation

Silver Creek Machine

The Bennett Ranch
Azle Green Scene Committee
Azle Elementary PTO

Extreme lawn care
TCU School of Engineering
Dr, Morgan Kiani
ACE Hardware of Azle

Texas AM Agri-Life Extension
City of Azle
Area Master Gardner’s
Azle ISD Maintenance
Rick Reed
Jeff Edwards
Matt Weathersby
Silver Creek Materials
Time Rentals of Azle
City of Azle Green Scene Committee
Aaron Dixon

Barbara Herman
Goorondona And Associates

Native American Seed Company
Mayer Materials
Mattress Firm
Lowery's Wholesale
Nancy Curl
Peggy Davis
Gailon Hardin
Steve Chaney
The Home Depot
Dianne Russell
Larry Marx
OLC Club
Countless hours of volunteers

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