Principles for Poker Play

Some Psychological Principles for Poker Play

People who play real money online poker should know that it is as much a game of strategies as it is of psychology. The better you understand the train of thought of others; the better will be your playing. The relationship between the two is similar to what exists between jelly and peanut butter. Knowing about the various psychological principles especially the most advanced ones affects your game significantly. Certain biases can also plateau or stunt long-term progression of players. So knowing about them is quite crucial.

1. Perceptual biases: we learn all our biases as we grow and there is nothing called inborn preconceived varieties. It is important to break away from this. Otherwise, your game is going to suffer. For example, a straightforward and honest looking old, cute granny can be anything but that. While a seemingly aggressive and hotheaded cowboy may ultimately prove to be as cool as a cucumber on the table. Remember, when you're playing poker everybody's trying to mask their actual thoughts. So having perceptual biases will simply go against you. Ideally, every person should be like a blank slate. In online games, this is easier because you are unable to see the other people at the table.

2. Emphasis on recent events: when you are playing at the best real money poker sites every consideration counts. Another principle that rules the outcomes is placement of much stress upon recent results and events. A player who is winning at few sessions may become overconfident and this leads to ruination. The one riding the high horse of winning starts underestimating other players and the result is poor decision-making.

3. Confirmation bias: people have the tendency to support their decisions even if they are in the wrong. At the poker table if you have a confirmation bias against your opponent, it may actually prove to be your undoing. Any preconceived notions regarding other players may not work if not supported by a cohesive argument. Who knows he/she may just surprise you while waiting for them to play a certain way. Keeping an open mind in this regard makes complete sense especially when the rigidity of ideas will just go against you.

4. Attribution errors: such fundamental errors are all about protection of individual egos. We have a tendency to attribute our victories to hard work and inborn skills. However, when the same thing happens with someone else we just dismiss it as a stroke of good luck and in general consider it undeserved. Your progress as an effective poker player will become limited if you continue in the same vein. For starters, you should identify this error on your part. If you examine closely the mistakes you made or the good decisions made by your opponent, there will be no more learning opportunities lost and your game playing skills will grow with time.

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