Let's Get K Ready!

Tips for Parents of Upcoming Kindergartners

Vol.1, No.7

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This issue highlights sorting, matching and comparing. There are so many ways to build learning into your day!

Sorting, Matching, & MORE!

Learning math begins naturally for young children as they engage with all that surrounds them. Young children have an innate desire to make sense and create order in their world. They learn best by investigating and manipulating concrete materials, discussing ideas, and developing problem-solving skills.

This is why sorting objects and matching objects is an important part of mathematical development. Children need to learn the characteristics of objects and how to sort and classify before moving on to activities that involve numbers. They need to know what they are counting before they are able to actually count them.

How can you help your child sort and classify? Try these everyday learning opportunities:

Talk to you child about the things in your environment and let your child...

  • Put away the silverware from the dishwasher.
  • Sort laundry to be washed. Match socks!
  • Sort groceries according to where they go.
  • Put away toys or sort by color, shape, size.
  • Sort crayons by color or length.
  • Go on a color hunt and find objects of various colors to sort into piles.
  • Sort leaves from plants by rounded edges and pointed edges.
  • Sort rocks by their weight.
  • Cut shapes out of paper and sort by the number of sides.

Whatever you do, make it fun! Once you and your child have sorted items, think of different ways to sort the same set of items!

Here is a link to ABCya's Count, Sort, and Compare online game that you and your child can try together!

Everyday Learning Opportunity!

Our friend, Krista Dawson , Director of Education of the Children’s Museum of Richmond, created the video below for us. Learn ways to incorporate the Basic count, group, and compare into everyday activities that you do with your child.
K Ready: Count Group and Compare
Chicka Chicka 1 2 3

CCPL Read Alouds Spark Interest in Books and Reading

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