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Get away from the city by purchasing Ohoka sections for sale

The rat-race has a fading charm for most people over the age of 30, and the majority of people who have moved into the city to work only dream of getting away again. If you want to move somewhere where there are more green trees than skyscrapers, then you should consider some of the subdivisions of land that are available in the Ohoka area close to Christchurch. With developers keen to transform the area into convenient out-of-town estates for city workers, there are plenty of Ohoka sections for sale that can be bought by those eager to sell up and move out of Christchurch. You don't have to look any further than the many developers hoping to sell their properties online.

Looking at prices

One of the main reasons for getting away from the big city is the rising cost of house prices in the area. Many homeowners want to move to somewhere which is substantially larger, and has a garden, without having to pay significantly more for the property. This is where it makes sense to purchase sections for sale in CHCH. You can buy the section which most appeals to you, and then see the property being built upon it. Once you own the land, you can also make sure you build the home you want, and this is one of the reasons why most developers are choosing to pre-sell land before building. The price for an average piece of land starts around $190,000.

Reasons to buy in Braeburn

One of the newest locations for development is in the Okoha region of Braeburn. It is near to Clarkville and Swannonoa, and is planned to be part of a big development in the area that will offer housing for Christchurch exiles. There are several benefits to the area, not least that there are a lot of sections for sale near Christchurch making communing easy and less of a hassle than moving into an existing community some distance from the city. There is the Mandeville Sports Centre on the doorstep, and there are also good primary schools in nearby towns. The best reason, however, is that it offers a quiet and tranquil location after the hustle of the city, and this means that families and older generations can relax here in peace, while still being within easy reach of Christchurch.