Social Justice

Friday communication

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Working to provide students with the voice and learning environment they deserve.

This communication is a way to stay connected as Social Justice advocates. Through resource sharing, we are able to learn and build capacity around issues of Social Justice. This also allows the opportunity to highlight the great work individuals and buildings are doing related to student voice.

This week's SJ happenings across the school district/community

  • A small group of Novi educators began participating in Oakland Schools' professional development on Culturally Responsive Teaching. The four-day workshop provides participants with an opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to teach and provide support for the education of students who are identified as ethnically diverse. Areas of focus include:
  1. Self-Reflection and Awareness
  2. Knowing Your Students and Becoming Culturally Competent
  3. Creating a Culturally Responsive Learning Environment
  4. Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners

  • Novi High School student participated in Farmington's Student Diversity Conference. Young people from Farmington High Schools, Mercy HS and Novi HS came together to spend a day engaging in dialogue and learning about diversity. Korey Nuckolls, NHS teacher, chaperoned the event.

  • University of Michigan is holding a Youth Civil Rights and Social Justice Workshop scheduled for Saturday, March 5th at the U of M Dearborn Campus. A small team of Novi High School students will attend along with an adult chaperone, Melissa Kreger (NHS Teacher).

  • The LAC-O Student Leadership Conference is scheduled for May 3rd at Oakland University. Seth Furlow (NHS Teacher) will be leading a group of Novi High School students who will facilitate a breakout session for participants.

  • The 10th Cohort of the Oakland School's Social Justice project will begin in March. Novi School District has been invited to send a team of educators to this event. Dr. Jay Marks (Oakland Schools School Quality Consultant) will facilitate the 4-days of professional development.

  • Novi's Feed the Need Summer Lunch Program Committee has begun planning for the 2016 Summer. This is a free opportunity for students to receive lunch and enrichment activities. Details on dates, times and locations will be available soon.

  • Novi High School, in partnership with the Novi Interfaith Group, has begun a Friday backpack program for students struggling with food insecurity. Referrals can be made to the Student Services office at Novi High.
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Farmington Student Diversity Conference

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Parents of African American Students in Novi (PAASN)

Free Saturday Math Tutoring for any student who is interested. (10:00 am- 12:00 pm)

-Orchard Hills Elementary





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LACO-Student Engagement Committee SMORE

Included are many great resources and information that connects to Student Engagement. The Learning Achievement Coalition-Oakland Student Engagement Committee meets monthly at Oakland Schools.

Social Justice

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