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Cloud Automation, Customization, Websites with a Purpose

Cloud Automation

Businesses today are using on average 3-5 different solutions or internal systems to manage their day to day operations. Do you currently have a Cloud Automation strategy that creates automation and single point of entry with all systems?

The benefits of the cloud application strategies are starting to emerge. Although still in the early stages, the known benefits of the cloud provides the ability to share and process massive amounts of data between systems or dozens of systems without the need to manually update each system.

Building the bridge between systems and setting up the beneficial cloud strategy will save thousands of manual hours and automate the most complex of tasks. With Software As A Service (SaaS) becoming more widely used, additional systems will soon be added to accomplish a task. Ensuring these systems work in unison is vital to efficiencies, automation and speed.

Does your website have a purpose?

Unless your Apple or a major news organization, getting interest and 'eyeballs' on a website is a lost cause. For businesses, the website should provide a purpose and create value not only to the customer, but also your organization.

Websites should have appeal and function and drive your customer to create an 'action'. Very few visitors come to websites without a purpose. The purpose can be to gather product information, purchase, finalize an order, fill out paperwork or other. Providing options to complete these purposes online brings the 'eyeballs' and creates opportunities during the process to upsell or automate a previously tedious task. Leverage technology and your website to make things Better, Cheaper and Faster for all and your website will become a source and revenue generator.

Custom - One Size Does Not Fit All!

Fitting a square peg into a round hole is not ideal for growing businesses. Trying to modify or alter an existing system creates "work arounds" and soon "work arounds" become the norm. When your business is unique or processes are complex and time consuming, custom is an ideal option.

Although custom typically implies expensive, the ability to create a process, software, application or web services that addresses your unique need is not only affordable, but specifically created to address your unique business needs. Many businesses add FTE's or Jimmy Rig a solution that is not efficient, stable or scales with your business needs. Soon after, this becomes a liability and creates additional FTE expense.

Veterans - Thank You!

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